Favorite Places to Read

Here are a few of my favorite particular places to read in no specific order. What are yours?!
The Car- Now, I know I am not going to get many fellow car readers. Every time I say I can read in the car I get about a hundred (exaggeration) people say that they cannot read in the car without getting a headache/nauseous, ect. I, however, am the odd ball out and love reading in the car. My parents divorced when I was very young, living about an hour away from each other for almost my whole life. An hour is a long car ride especially as a child. So every weekend my bother and I piled into a car to travel to our dad’s house, while he entertained himself with a hand held video game of some sorts, I read my books there and back. It was a great way to get summer reading done! Now that I am 20 and have to drive myself to either one of my parents house, I read less in the car. But still, on long trips when I am not driving to visit family, I always read. The combination of the motion of the car and that I am reading a book is the perfect relaxation for me.

The Hammock- Who doesn’t love a hammock, am I right? But seriously, during the summer in my dad’s back yard we set up our hammock in between two trees, giving the perfect amount of shade and sun. I swing myself at a gentle speed while drinking my iced coffee and reading throughout the summer, what could be better..?

In Bed- Reading in bed is kind of like my “go to” spot if you will. It is not my favorite, but not my least favorite either. I tend to read in my bed the most often, usually out of convince or lack of another place to go. I typically read before I fall asleep and right after I wake up in the morning, contributing to my excess in bed reading habits. 

Cafe- On my college campus we have a small little cafe underneath one of out dining halls. It’s not too far away from where I live, not to mention that there is hardly ever anyone there. It is so quiet, remote, and also are proud brewers of Starbucks coffee so that doesn’t hurt. It is a great place for me to escape to while I am staying at school, not only to read but to do homework or study. 

xox Cat


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