Happy Holidays from my Kitties

There is no better way to read than doing so snuggled up with your favorite furry person. Mine happen to be cats. Yes I call them furry people and yes this is the best way to read, or do anything for that matter, no questions asked.
I am a crazy cat lady, it seems that the cat lady generation started a bit early since I am only 20, and I know I’m not the only one out there. I know about you closet cat people too!
I have three cats, not too many but I used to have five, I know… eeek. My three cats now do not get along, one of them gets a run of the basement while the others stay upstairs, they are more social and less feral. I love them all the same.
I mean, you guys must know what I mean. How good it feels to dive head first into an amazing book that takes you on an adventure of a life time, all while cozy warm in the heated blanket snuggled up to a kitty cat.


Meet the Co-Writers and Co-Readers themselves and their favorite working positions!

Snuggled in with her boyfriend

Happy Holidays! Hoped my weird catness brightened your days!

xox Cat


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