Barnes & Noble Trip

So I know, I haven’t even finished all the other books from my last haul, but I couldn’t help myself. Going to the only book store left for miles around me is just a bad idea. I managed to only buy two books, although I wish I bought more. There is nothing like a hard copy of a book no matter the price, no matter the convenience of my kindle fire. I’m so excited to start reading these! They actually might be finished before the books on my other book haul list… oops.

So on the left side of my adorable sleeping cat is Matched by Allie Condie. This book has been number one on my reading list for far too long and when I saw it on the shelf in Barnes&Noble, I caved. I just had to have it. $9.99

On the right side of the napping Sockie cat is Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I must admit that this book was pretty far down my “too-read” list but sometimes seeing books in person just brings out something in them that makes you want to have them. Also,  $9.99

I am having so much trouble deciding what to read first, since each of these books has many in the series and I just know that I am going to want to read the rest. Not to mention a few other books that are from my last haul. The struggle is so real as a book addict..

I almost forgot, I wanted to mention that I met a fellow lover of goodreads while shopping at Barnes&Noble today. She was working and we had a quick chat and bonding moment over it but I never caught her name. Chances are slim that she’d read this but I wanted to mention it just in case!

xox Cat


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