Review: The 13th Prophet

The 13th Prophet

T. Lucas Earle13th prophet final cover

PDF provided by author



In this entertaining short story, T. Lucas blends classic noir and dystopian sci-fi, exposing the strange underbelly where conformity, fashion, and religion collide.


I was actually extremely excited to be asked to review The 13th Prophet, even if it was outside of my usual reading comfort zone. I love branching out and I appreciate all types of works. Described as a science fiction/ noir genre (with a fashion sense), The 13th Prophet  was unlike anything I have ever read.

Being that this genre was completely new to me, I was excited to experience it and figure it out. I can honestly say that I loved this short story and the way this genre seems to operate. It was dark and mysterious with elements of a dystopian society. OH, and the humor. I cannot forget to highlight the sarcastic, dark humor throughout the story. But not just the story. Obviously T. Lucas Earle just has a sense of humor that is easy to relate to and captures readers, he also features this humor throughout his personal blog. My personal favorite was on his “about” page.

I don’t want to give too much away on the plot because it is a great, quick read that I recommend to all those out there, but the plot was so interesting. You basically get shoved head first into the story with no warning.  I usually do not like be catapulted into a story without any background information, but somehow, this one works.  I eat my words here when I said you can never know too much. The less is more approach works nicely here and figuring out what is going on is actually entertaining.

Based in the future, the main character, Mulligan Burke, a bad ass PI takes on a case in the world of fashion. But this world is not like the world we know today. It is overtaken in the need to be in the latest fashion and technology. It could even be interpreted as a foreshadowing of the direction our society is moving in. Mulligan is the only person who can see the people around them for who they are, copies, just the latest version of the newest personality software.

I loved the descriptions by Earle, one that stuck out in my mind particularly was “Now I’d look like that man if he were melting.” Does that not just give the best imagery ever? I can see an older man, with his wrinkles sagging off of his face. The imagery throughout The 13th Prophet is simply impressive and incorporates well with the conversational writing captures the readers attention and drags them into a plot.

I can’t say I am a fan of the ending, only because it ended right when I was getting completely engrossed within it. But sadly this happens with all great short stories. You want it to continue and be longer but in doing that, it takes away the short story affect. In truth though, I would never complain about reading more. The plot within The 13th  Prophet was unique and captivating, who wouldn’t want to read more?




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