Review Policy

Review Policy:

I am currently accepting review requests in any format. I am not a professional book review/ author, however I will provide an in depth review on a book and the writing style. For examples of a typical review, see my blog. Personal favorite genres are young adult, paranormal, romance, fantasy and dystopians. I will consider other genres, but these are the ones that will most likely be accepted.

What to Include In Your Request:

  • Title, Author, Cover
  • Summary/synopsis
  • Formats Available
  • Link additional information (goodreads, book website, ect.)
Reviews Consist Of:
  • Book information
  • Summary (goodreads or alternative site)
  • Rating on a scale of 1-5
  • Honest review
  • Other details as requested (short interview, excerpt, promotions, book website)

*Each review will be cross posted on my blog,  goodread and if requested, Amazon or another additional website. I will email a link when the review is posted. All review requests are bumped to the top of my reading list and are completed in a timely manor (usually within a week.) If you wish to include a short interview or excerpt please let me know.

All review requests should be sent to and please include “Book Review” in the subject line of you email 🙂

Rating System:

★★★★★- LOVE IT!

★★★★-Really Enjoyed it!

★★★-Liked it/ Okay


★-Did not enjoy at all

***Most books that I read on my own (marked Amazon Kindle Fire, or Print) will get high ratings only because I strategically select books I believe I will enjoy.***


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